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Please Check Out Our Schedule For All Open Enrollment Classes

2023/2024 DANCE SEASON

Open Classes Available

Sound Motion Dance Academy is well underway in its seventh season, but we still have a few spaces left in some of our classes.

We truly believe that dance is for everyone, building character and leadership qualities in all of our young artists.

If you or your child has ever want to experience the joys of dance and expression, please contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you.

2023-2024 Dance Season 2th!


*Class Placement by Instructor Only

All Dance Classes Subject to Change And/Or Cancellation Based on Enrollment

Must Have “10 +” Students Enrolled to Hold Class

Please note some classes may be cancelled due to lack of enrollment, or capped due to large enrollment.
It is important to reserve your space early. We need a minimum of 10 students to hold a dance class.  



Sound Motion Dance Academy has revamped its Acrobatics Program for the Upcoming Dance Season to better train our dancers in the art of acrobatics. Our Acrobatics in Dance Classes are supplemental classes that will allow dancers to work an entire season on flexibility, contortion, tumbling and stunting without having to take time away from training to learn a recital performance routine. Acrobatics in Dance is not a typical tumbling or gymnastics course. Sound Motion Dance Academy's Acro Program is centered on fundamental acrobatic technique to increase flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, timing, body awareness, self-discipline and confidence. Here at Sound Motion we do not consider Acro a dance class, but utilize Acro to help supplement a Dancers repertoire and technique, creating well-rounded and educated students

It is our hope, with the additional time to hone technique and skills, that dancers will be able to take what they learn from these supplemental classes and apply them to other genres of dance in their other performance-based classes.

Our Acro Program is a leveled curriculum for students ages 5 - 19, with each class working progressively through a vast repertoire of tricks and skills from the beginning level thru advanced and pre-professional. In addition, because we are a Dance Studio, we also feel the importance of each class building on your students core technical education and therefore incorporate many dance styles into our Acrobatics In Dance Classes. 

Director or Instructor approval is needed for registering for these classes.
​Placement is based first on a student's ability to retain and execute the required skills for each level and then on age. A student's ability to progress through each level successfully is based on attendance, as well as the ability to retain and comprehend technical terms.

Key information that you need to know about our New! Acrobatics in Dance Program:

  • A Dancer Must Be Enrolled In A Performance-Based Dance Class in order to Enroll in an Acrobatics in Dance Supplemental Class.

  • Acrobatics In Dance Class are Non-Performance Classes. Students Will Work All Season On Skills. There Will Not Be A Specific Recital Performance Routine for these Supplemental Classes.

  • Acrobatics In Dance Classes Are Leveled! You MUST Meet Certain Requirements to Be Enrolled or Move Up Within These Classes…

    • Intro to Acrobatics In Dance (This Class Is For the Just Starting Out or 2nd Year Beginner Dancer in Acrobatics Training)

    • Acrobatics In Dance: Level 1 (This Class Is For Dancers in Their 3-5 Year of Acrobatics Training. Dancers MUST Be Able to Complete A Free Standing Backbend, Somersault, Cartwheel, Front & Back Limbers)

    • Acrobatics In Dance: Level 2 (This Class Is Beginning A More Rigorous Acrobatics Training for Dancers. Dancer MUST be able to complete all of the requirements of Level 1 + Back & Front Walkovers, Pre-Ariel & Pre-Hand Balancing (Handstands, ect) for a minimum of 20 seconds at a time. Older Dancers Close to Meeting These Requirements May Test Into the Class if They Desire, But Please Note This Will Be A Fast Based Hard-Working Environment).

    • Acrobatics In Dance: Level 3 (This Class is for Our Most Advanced Acrobatics Students. In Addition to all of the requirements for Level 2, a dancer MUST be able to execute, Diving Front Walkovers, Ariel or Back Handspring, Hand Balancing (Walking On Your Hands). This Class Will Not Only Include the Traditional Acrobatics In Dance Programming, But Also Partner Stunts, as well as, Advanced Jump & Leap Progressions Such as Knee Drops, Butterfly Jumps, 540s, ect. Older Dancers Close to Meeting These Requirements May Test Into the Class if They Desire, But Please Note This Will Be A Fast Based Hard-Working Environment).


1 Class Per Week      $60/Month
2 Classes Per Week    $115/Month
3 Classes Per Week    $175/Month
4 Classes Per Week    $225/Month
5 Classes Per Week    $285/Month
Unlimited Classes Per Week    $335/Month

Weekly Dance Team Class*   $89/Month

Private Lessons    $35/30 Minutes
                     $70/1 Hour

Annual Registration Fee $55


2022-2023 DANCE SEASON
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